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Four hundred years ago, humankind discovered wormholes. Three hundred years ago, humankind built the Astral Beacon, allowing colonization to far reaches of the galaxy. Two hundred years ago, this planet, permanently enshrouded in twilight, was discovered, and colonization began.

One hundred years ago, Earth was destroyed.

Hespera is an occult sci-fi tabletop RPG, where you play as members of a planetary colony trying to rebuild after a sudden separation from Earth threw your society into decades of civil war. While no sapient life has been discovered on the planet, it's home to a wide selection of theoliths, indestructible stone statues possessing mysterious intelligence, which speak directly into the minds of their chosen, causing cults to spread across the planet like frost on a window.

This bundle includes the first edition Hespera rules and setting doc, as well as the second edition Hespera rules alpha. Thumbnail and interior art by JE Shields. Wallpaper by Quang Le.

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